Deathcember Vol. 1

24 Days – 24 Doors – 24 Deaths: DEATHCEMBER is the ultimate Advent Horror Anthology Movie, and the world’s first cinematic Advent calendar. Behind its doors lurk 24 terrifying visions by directors from around the globe, turning the season of love into a season of fear, with gifts of blood and terror to unwrap for audiences everywhere. In Vol. 1 you will find the first 12 + 2 bonus stories.

Remember the excitement you felt as a kid every December, opening up a new door of your Advent calendar 24 mornings in a row, eagerly awaiting the surprise that would be in store for you that day?

DEATHCEMBER brings such memories back to life, but with a twisted edge.

A collection of 24 short films that take a look at the dark side of the festive season. 24 films by international directors with the most diverse ideas, styles and narrative formats; linked by short animated segments that deal with the Advent calendar itself. Behind each door, a new, viciously entertaining story awaits... WILL YOU DARE TO OPEN THE DOOR?

Země původu / 2019
Germany 2019
Délka (min)
77 min.
  • English
  • ,
  • German
  • Czech
Full HD
  • Barbara Crampton, Clarke Wolfe, Tiffany Shepis, Ryan Fisher, Jeffrey Reddick, Danny Plotner, Julia Marchese, Logan Allison, Sami Kolko, Max Tretta, Fynn Kempf, Heinz Harth, Lina Minea Stromsky, Dieter Haag, Elke Rausch, Nabi Tang, Stefan Kapicic, Leanne Levi Rivers, Steven E. de Souza, Bruno Eyron, Kai Fung Rieck, Sasha Di Capri, David Burnell IV, Sharon Brauner, Taryn Nelson, Rodney Charles, Soledad Amido, Pedro Halil, Simón Mejía, Camila Sánchez, Dana Zamudio, Celic Contreras, Armando Mendoza, Leonel Barachiel, Jharet Guerrero, Enrique Gómez, Abraham Silva, Pablo Antonio Contreras, Andrés Fernández, Luz Fernanda Becerra, Danae Desiree Jiménez, Ayelén Muzo, David Codville, Gabriel Ríos, Madisson Uribe, Kevin Uribe, Giselle Gusman, Alisson García, Alisson Palacio, Nacolas Rifa, Verónica Cisneros, Walter Kapelas, Bruno Vendichetis, Fiona Muñoz, Natalia Frausto, Samantha Gómez, José Micha, Pablo Guisa Koestinger, Daniel Oropeza, Andrés Mayer, Agustín Ocegueda, Jorge Díaz, Luis Mariano García, Andres Monterrubio, Rosario Borbolla, Dan Zapata, Ana Silvia Garza, Ramón Ochoa, Irene Román, Conde Fabregat, Rodrigo Zoydo, Juan Israel Ruiz, Carlos Mejía, Ricardo Valdivia, Saúl Luna Cruz, Lilia Oviedo Pérez, Blanca Colín, Bernardo Villareal, Patricia Rojas, Victor Jesurun, Jorge Levy, Efrén Cuauhtémoc Marín, Juan Manuel Rincón, Roberto José García, Humberto Nava, Dora Leal Dedios, Verónica García, Jose Corpas, Haydée Lysander, Claudia Bouza, Laura Ballester, Javier Gómez, Richard Glover, Stephen Evans, Axel Loh, Sebastian Spengler, Louie Bayliss, Nadine Neumann, Thomas Häusler, Markus von Rotaha, Mathias Van Mieghem, Victor Peeters, Hannelore Stevens, Aza Declercq, Vince Van Gossum, Barbara Magnolfi, Brianna Barnes, Matt Mercer, Peter Stickles, Galen Howard, Laura Dromerick, Sara Tresserra, Simeon Willis, Daisy Ashford, David Price, Bella Berridge, Seung-wu Han, Ye-si Lee, Ye-seul Lee, Carlotta Morelli, Valentina Lainati, Gianni Franco, Lapo Granchi, Emma Duringer, Kue Lawrence, AJ Bowen, Barkley Harper, Steven Glen Diehl, Detlef Bothe, Julita Witt, Sandra Herbich, Beate Maria Schulz, Aylin Ince, Myriam Tancredi, Dag Lerner, Marius Greimers, Leander Vogt, Sean Bridgers, Justin Stone, Helen Babic, Tamara Radovanovic, Casey Van Maanen, Regan Mears, Bailee Bob Sveen, Christine Hughes, Dana Cornelius, Lisa Ferris, Rey Marz, Pollyanna McIntosh, Isabelle Giroux, Jean Drolet, Julie Burroughs, Joseph Bellerose, Max Houle, Claire Gagnon, Marie-Danielle Boucher, Jonathan David Bedard, Albane Chateau, Zach Evrard, Jillianne Gignac, Balthazar Marole, Paprika Marole, Charlotte Alexis White, Blake Borders, Dustin Pewitt, Pappy Faulkner, Johnny Vivash, Amy Newton, Leila Wetton, Jennie Lathan, Alan Mandel, Jackie Rae Aubel, Sam Eidson, Bronson Haaga, Max Haaga, Karen Gorham, Brett Hamilton, Eric Podnar, Jeff Hamilton, Rudolph, Peter Kotthaus, Marie Nasemann, Patrick Dewayne, Selena Bakalios, Doris Conrad, Hans Morgeneyer, Wes Allen, Becca Ciamacco, Cash K. Allen, Timothee Bellavista, Johanna Bros, Frédéric Moulin, Janine Piguet, Roman Villedieu, David Brückner, Anh Lee

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