Suck Me Shakespeer 2

To be a successful robber, you have to have strong nerves. And when you're also a high school teacher, you need nerves like twine and murderous ruthlessness. And that's exactly what makes former felon and current self-proclaimed teacher Zeki Müller (Elyas M'Barek) succeed at the blackboard in the wacky school comedy Farewell Mr. Teacher. And now everyone's favourite cantor Zeki Müller is back.  To his misfortune, his teaching career also includes some major inconveniences: especially early rising and pushy students. Plain and simple, he finds his teaching career much more challenging than his previous somewhat criminal activities. Thanks to his past contacts, he also comes into possession of a good pile of stolen diamonds, which he cunningly hides in a teddy bear. However, his somewhat goofy colleague Lisi Schnabelstedt (Karoline Herfurth) kindly donates the teddy bear to a children's charity in Thailand. Coincidentally, the headmistress is desperate for a teacher to go on a school trip abroad with her students. She wants her "Goethe Gymnasium" to outdo its pretentious competitor, the "Schiller Gymnasium". Both schools are competing for recognition from the Ministry of Education. Zeki seizes the opportunity. He sees it as a chance to get the diamonds back from the East Asian country. Together with the school's ecology club, which includes the exotic Etienne, who is 11% Asperger's, and a bunch of thugs from 10th B, led by Chantal, he travels to a poor fishing village in Thailand. And there they all clash harshly and ruthlessly with teacher Hauke Wölki and his class of nerds and nerd-types from Schiller High School. To make matters worse for Zeki, his students also decide to stop their adored teacher from finding "his" diamonds and hanging up his teaching job. How will Zeki, who still has one foot in the underworld and one in the boardroom, end up?

Fack ju Göhte 2
Země původu / 2015
Germany 2015
Délka (min)
115 min.
  • Czech
Full HD
  • Elyas M'Barek, Karoline Herfurth, Katja Riemann, Jana Pallaske, Volker Bruch, Jella Haase, Alwara Höfels, Gizem Emre