Krabat and the Legend of the Satanic Mill

In 1646, the German lands had long been wracked by the terrible wars known as the Thirty Years' War. The result was the devastation of the whole of Europe and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. Those who were spared from war and famine had to fight another enemy - the plague. It was the period between the New Year and the Three Kings. Krabat, then a 14-year-old orphan, wandered as a trick-or-treater with his two friends from village to village. That night he again had a dream that repeated itself for several nights. Eleven ravens were sitting on their perches, watching him, and one seat was vacant. A voice urged him to go to Schwarzkolm to the mill and he would not regret it. He is called to a higher calling, and will suffer no more hunger. Krabat, in spite of his oath to stay together, left his friends and heeded the dark call of the ravens and went to the mill, where he became an apprentice to the master. He does not live alone in the mill; besides him, there are eleven other boys. On Easter night, the master sends them in pairs to places where people have died violent deaths. Krabat's companion Tonda paints the mark of a secret brotherhood on his forehead and then they become invisible. Together they go to a nearby village where Krabat takes a liking to a local girl when he saves her from falling to the ground. By touching her, he becomes momentarily visible to her. There is also a girl named Worshula living in the village and she and Tonda seem to be in love with each other. Tonda then asks Krabat not to return to the mill because otherwise something will happen that will separate him from the common people forever. He will have to promise to obey the master forever. Krabat disagrees, he has no other home. Tonda warns him, he must never reveal his girl's name to the master. After taking the oath, Krabat begins to work with the others in the mill, which until now has been forbidden to him. It was hard work and he had to prove that he would overcome all obstacles and never give up at any cost. For this he was to be rewarded by being admitted to the circle of the master's disciples. From now on he too would begin his training in the black arts. But he has to get rid of his mother's cross, which he says is weakening him. Along with the cross, Krabat has buried not only the memories of his childhood, but also of his entire life before his life in the mill. From now on, all he cared about was black magic. Throughout the summer, Krabat tried his best to approach the abilities of the other young men. The idea of being superior to the commoners was extremely seductive and exuded an irresistible power. The summer passed like nothing, and in addition to the hours filled with work, it brought the young men hours of ease in the fields around the mill. At last the day for which he had waited so long had come for Krabat. He became a journeyman among journeymen. He could turn himself into a raven. Krabat and Tonda became friends and Krabat confided to Tonda that he would love to see the girl from the village. He misses her very much. Tonda reminds him again that the master must never know her name. At dinner, the Master tells that he has seen soldiers looting the villages in the surrounding villages. The next day they should arrive in Schwarzkolm. The Master allows the boys to protect the village. It's a good opportunity for Krabat to show what he's learned...

Země původu / 2008
Germany 2008
Délka (min)
120 min.
  • Czech
Full HD
  • David Kross, Daniel Brühl, Robert Stadlober, Tom Wlaschiha, Stefan Haschke, Anna Thalbach, Charly Hübner, Christian Redl, Paula Kalenberg

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