Bleeding Steel

A special police agent, Lin Dong, has his young daughter Xixi die in hospital. But Lin can't get to her because he's working on a special case. He is ordered by his superiors to take Dr. James, a man who has been conducting biochemical experiments for a major arms dealer, to a military base. Lin's police convoy is attacked by a special criminal group led by the biorobot Andre. Andre was created by James. Lin almost succumbs in the fight, perhaps because he learns that little Xixi has died. Thirteen years later, Lin is doing odd menial jobs trying to look after a young Chinese girl named Nancy. She is attempted to be kidnapped by a strange woman in black who is constantly surrounded by an army of creatures dressed in motorcycle overalls and helmets. The attempted kidnapping of Nancy is preceded by the murder of a writer who has just become famous for his new novel Heart of Steel. It is the writer who is murdered by the woman in black after she confronts the disguised Lin in his apartment, who is also there in search of information about where the writer got the subject of his book. A young man, Leeson, who is a mystery to Lin, slips out of the suite unnoticed. This young man soon starts hanging around Nancy as well, which makes Lin even more angry. After the writer's murder, it is revealed that Nancy was taking her mental health problems to a local witch, from whom this writer bought all the notes and recordings in which Nancy reminisced about her youth. Nancy heads to Sydney to meet a magician. However, right in the opera house, a woman in black and her entourage try to kidnap her. This time, Lin and Leeson manage to prevent the kidnapping. Lin transports the stunned Nancy to his house, where he also imprisons the mysterious Leeson. When Lin is not in the house, Nancy escapes. She begins to remember what happened to her and heads to the house where Dr. James once lived. There, she realizes that she is actually Xixi and that she survived thanks to Dr. James' experiments with the genetically altered healing blood she has inside her. Nancy is then kidnapped by the woman in black. Lin spots the kidnapped Nancy in one of the departing cars, and pursues the kidnapper in her car. Lin attempts to rescue Nancy. He fails to do so despite the help of Leeson, who suddenly appears. Lin and his ex-cop colleague, Susan, set up a little ruse on the woman in black. She has a small key to a safety deposit box that Nancy found in Dr. James' house...

Bleeding Steel
Země původu / 2017
China 2017
Délka (min)
109 min.
  • English
  • Czech
Full HD
  • Jackie Chan, Callan Mulvey, Tess Haubrich, Kaitlyn Boyé, Damien Garvey, Nana Ouyang

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