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Most of today's currency doesn't have a physical form. That means, for example, that if all people decided to withdraw from their bank accounts at the same time, the currently existing banknotes and coins wouldn't be sufficient. So, where did the numbers that express the value in our bank accounts originate from and where does money itself come from? The Oeconomia documentary by German director Carmen Losmann investigates the core of the current financial system, examines the paradoxes of incessant economic growth, and defines the outlines of a system and its mechanisms that, besides other things, contribute to economic inequality among the inhabitants of our globalized planet. We will follow the trail of the issue itself but also point to its cause – the leading executives of concerns and banks who don't even know how their system works in the end. Because the source of all additional money, covering the profits and the overall economic growth – is debt.

Země původu / 2020
Germany 2020
Délka (min)
89 min.
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  • Angela Merkel, Carmen Losmann, Samirah Kenawi, Dag Schulze, Marc Sierszen, Lino Zeddies