The Last Witch Hunter

Armies of witch-hunters, the warriors of the "Axe and Cross", have been waging their war against a terrible enemy for centuries, fighting witches in all places on Earth. One of them, Kaulder, destroys the Witch Queen herself, and she curses him with her last breath to eternal life. Forever separated from his family, Kaulder spends hundreds of years doing what he does best - hunting and killing witches. Today he is the last of his kind, and the ranks of his supernatural enemies have thinned. But there is no end to his story or his struggle; the evil forces of witchcraft are still there, hidden from our view. What's more, they have finally managed to bring their Queen back to life, and she lives on a single thought. To unleash hell on Earth, end Kaulder's immortality and bring humanity face to face with destruction. The Last Witch Hunter has an epic, battle-filled chapter in the book of his life. Will it be the last?

The Last Witch Hunter
Země původu / 2015
USA, China 2015
Délka (min)
106 min.
  • English
  • Czech
Full HD
  • Vin Diesel, Rose Leslie, Elijah Wood, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson,Rena Owen, Julie Engelbrecht