Ailo's Journey - The Amazing Odyssey of a Newborn Reindeer

Our hero is a small reindeer named Ailo. He was just born in Lapland, a country in the north of Europe, most of which lies just outside the Arctic Circle. That doesn't sound very encouraging. But a reindeer like this can easily get used to harsh conditions. He can get back on his feet quickly after birth, in just five minutes. In another five minutes, he can walk, and within a quarter of an hour, he can swim and crawl through snow. Thanks to his wide hooves, he can move quickly in snowdrifts and is not too demanding to graze. He will settle for a little grass and moss, but his favourite treat is lichen. And if he's cold? Not really. Its massive coat allows it to survive temperatures as low as -40°C. As Ailo wanders through Lapland, he meets other inhabitants of this beautiful landscape. Whether it's the agile border collie, the dangerous wolves, the clever wolverine, the polar fox, the shaggy squirrel, the silent owl or the high-flying eagle.

Aïlo : Une odyssée en Laponie
Země původu / 2018
France, Norway, Finland 2018
Délka (min)
89 min.
  • Czech
Full HD
  • Peter Franzén