The Rift

The strange forest hides many secrets, and those who venture into it may never return... Unemployed college graduate Igor and his partner Mia are not exactly living the high life and because of this he takes a job as a worker in a former psychiatric hospital. While cleaning it out, he finds old records dating back to the pre-war era of people who have gone missing in the woods around Tribeca. Those who were found ended up here, confused or completely out of their minds. The obsessive Igor becomes more and more interested in the mystery, believing that it is the publication of such a sensation on his blog that would bring their household out of their distress. However, he needs more information and teams up with the mystery-loving Andrei, as well as the skeptical David, to find out what the truth is about the disappearance of people in those woods...

Země původu / 2019
Slovakia 2019
Délka (min)
111 min.
Full HD
  • Matej Marušín, Mary Bartalos, Tomáš Maštalír, Dávid Hartl, Juraj Loj