FAQ | SupremeXP

What are Tournaments?

Tournaments are a section for gamers who party on a computer, console, tablet, phone and want to compete against others in a tournament format. You simply find a tournament you're interested in, enter it and follow the instructions in the tournament description.

Is registration required?

Yes, you can't play with us without registering. It only takes a few minutes, so go to the registration page and create a team right there and add your friends.

Can I create a team?

Sure, there's plenty to do in your profile. Create a team, invite other players to join.

How do I join a tournament?

Quite simply, you click on the tournament, then click on registration and if there's an opening you click register and that's it.

What is SupremeXP COINS?

Our virtual wallet. With us you will be able to collect SupremeXP COINS. Some tournaments will have rewards based on placement. So if you participate in a tournament that has a placement reward, we will credit you with our COINS on your profile.

How can I earn SupremeXP COINS?

Check the tournament description to see if there are tournaments for SupremeXP COINS or not. If so, and you place in a position where there are SupremeXP COINS, we will add them to your profile.

What devices can I play tournaments on?

Anything. You can always find out the specifications in the tournament details. So it may be that the organizer/admin will allow both PC and console, or only one single device will be allowed.

Can SupremeXP COINS be turned into real money?

Yes they can. If you manage to collect more than 3000 SupremeXP COINS, you can turn them into real money and withdraw them. Remember that 10 Coins is 1 CZK. For 3000 SupremeXP COINS you will get 300 CZK.