Our story

SupremeXP is gaming and VOD platform, which fulfills all requirments of digital age, but above that, it is made for communities of players or movie enthusiasts. In the times when everything what is known must be mainstream, we are trying to create additional value for support of communities. We always aimed to things, which are in the beginning more punk than mainstream and it is more focused on enthusiasts, more then on casual flow.

We love connecting things, which are not compatible at first, but they are that close to each other, that it should be real easy to connect them. And so we are connecting on our platform Gaming, Real-life fun, Online and Offline or Cinema of genre and festival shots.

Jakub Sochor

CEO / Co-founder

He likes diversity of projects on their total beginning, where is only on him, which direction will the project take. His quest is to grab the right opportunity and give it 110%. His strength are services, at the end of which is client and goal was always satisfaction and to encourage client to re-use the service or the product.



Tomáš Polák

CFO / Co-founder

He is working in marketing field for more than 15 years and has a few successful companies, which his is co-owning. Tom is a little bit workoholic, who is not afraid of any work challanges and espcecially if we are talking about inovative solutions, which are lot of the times against estabilished standards His big passion is his girlfriend, guns and american muscle cars.

Marcel Šmejkal

Super Admin

„A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities.“

He is interested in sport, gaming and in everything what is connected with gaming since he was child. How the time went his hobbies became his job and that is why you can find him mostly working or in the gym (sometimes it is edging with workaholism ). He likes challenges that get the most out of a person, and Supreme is another challenge.

Filip Schauer

Projekt manager

When he was a little child the shelf full of VHS cassettes fell on him. Since that times he loves movies and he cites from Pulp Fiction. He presents his love and respect for the films world in the form of the Future Gate Sci-Fi Film Festival and other events thats he arrange with his friends.


Andrej Štůla

Creative manager

As a child he dressed in a Ninja Turtles costume while watching the TV show. As a grown-up he organizes film-themed events that go beyond imagination and dreams. The home base is the Future Gate Science Fiction Film Festival, Blade Runner's most popular film.

Dominik "Cerberos" Vysloužil

Super Admin

Always full of energy with Interest in a nature, IT, and working with people. Now with less of childish energy but more focused on working around the media. Happy coincidences got him chance act in TV and on Interent. Thanks of it he met many people with whom he can creates the great events.

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