In november 2018 launched non-comercial project named PlayAirsoft, which has goal: connect gamers and airsoft players, motivate gamers to move and support czech airsoft in the meaning of reaching the people, who do not heared about this sport. In order to create such a project, which will be non-commercial, but will achieve its goals, the most important thing was to find a partner who would help with a wide range of media communication and information, as well with  motivation of gamers, to rise up their attention about the event.

Partners who participated in project are general partner JRC Gamecentrum, gaming show Re-Play, Acer Predator, Future Gate Festival and a newbie Atomic Drink and cosmetic for tough men SebMan. It is necessary to mention partners, because they are one of the key parts of project, simply the part, without it would not work. Main motivational factors of project are raffle gifted by partners, unique location to every event, which suppose to look alike enviroment from gaming title and last but not least scenario, which should be as close as it can be to game and must entertain airsoft matadors as well. But it is not the end, project is still trying to find new and new options.